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Fig, Honey and EVOO Crackers

Fig, Honey and EVOO Crackers

SKU: 359446H

This range of crackers was exclusively designed by cheese gurus. The Fine Cheese Co.'s savory biscuits are a unique range of flavored crackers and biscuits developed with specific cheeses in mind. There is a perfect variety to complement anything from a delicate Brie to a mature Stilton.

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Sea Salt Crackers for Aged Cheeses
  • Chive Crackers for Bloomy-Rind Cheeses
  • Rosemary Crackers for Soft Cheeses
  • Fig Honey Crackers for Sheep's Milk Cheeses
  • Red Chili Crackers for Cheddar Cheese
  • Basil Crackers for Swiss Cheese
  • Lemon, Sea Salt & EVOO
  • Walnut, Honey & EVOO
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