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Hot Chilli Sambal

Hot Chilli Sambal


Hot Chilli Sambal - Jarred Red Chilli Paste A deliciously savory Sambal featuring 100% authentic Southeast Asian flavors. Handmade in Brooklyn. Adds bold heat and umami to all your favorite dishes. Hot Chilli Sambal is to Malaysians what ketchup is to Americans. The word Sambal refers to a blend of ground peppers and aromatics, with the main ingredient being fresh chillies. Use as an ingredient in recipes, or straight out of the jar as a condiment.


What people are saying: "...occasionally, a condiment comes along that's like a black hole, compressing physics-defying amounts of flavor in a tiny package." - Chris Morocco, senior food editor, Bon Appétit "Like a thicker, robust version of Sriracha, Hot Chilli Sambal will add complex heat to everything from soups to sandwiches." - Christopher Kimball, Milk Street

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