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Kare Kare Filipino Tangy Peanut Sauce

Kare Kare Filipino Tangy Peanut Sauce

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Meet Kare-Kare (kah·reh kah·reh), the Philippines’ delicious take on a hearty peanut-based stew. Creamy peanut, coconut vinegar, date nectar, garlic, onion, and mild spices unite for a rich, savory, & slightly sweet celebration of Filipino flavors. Simply add to your favorite meat, seafood, or vegetables, cook through until the protein is tender and the sauce thickens to preference. Serve & enjoy with warm rice! Bon Appetit Magazine says this is the "Best We've Tried", September 2021 Issue. Also try as a marinade, dipping sauce, seasoning for rice, noodles, & stir fry, and so much more!


Ingredients: Water, Smooth Peanut Butter (100% roasted peanuts), White Vinegar, Onions, Date Nectar, Sugar, Garlic in Water (garlic, water, citric acid), Salt, Rice Flour, Avocado Oil, Garlic Powder, Onion Powder, Yeast Extract, Turmeric (for color), & Black Pepper.

Contains Peanuts

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