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Salted Fennel

Salted Fennel


Salt & Twine: New England roots and love of cured meats. A name derived from the process of curing and packaging meats. For hundreds of years people have been coming together around cheese boards and charcuterie, now deemed “adult lunchables” by newer generations. Showcasing respect for process and history, our mission is to pass along this culture through our Wholesome, Small Batch Charcuterie with a modern touch. Through Flavors Like: Mezcal & Salted Lime. Classic Oaxacan Spirit Inspired Salame with Essences of Citrus & Smoke Uncured Bacon & Bourbon. Southern Influenced Salame made with Bacon, Kentucky Bourbon & VT Maple Syrup Chipotle Mole. Salami made with Dark Chocolate & Chili Pepper Flavors Originating from Aztec Special Events Hot Calabrian. Italian Hot Soppressata Salame made with Fiery Calabrian Chilis Classic Bistro. French Farmhouse Style Salame made with White Wine, Garlic & Pepper Salted Fennel - Italian Style Salami made Fennel & Sea Salt

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