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Soy Sauce aged 4 yrs (Tsuru Bishio) - 18oz (532ml)

Soy Sauce aged 4 yrs (Tsuru Bishio) - 18oz (532ml)

SKU: YR0017-6
Tsuru bishio is the flagship series of soy sauce for Yamaroku Shoyu and is aged the longest between 3-5 years. Tsuru means "crane" and bishio means "condiment". In Japan, cranes are regarded as auspicious birds and symbolize longevity. It is said the song of cranes can reach the heavens, and Yamaroku Shoyu wants this soy sauce to be like the cranes which can reach the heavens and be known to everyone. Tsuru bishio is characterized as having a rich mellow flavor and is recommended for use in sushi, sashimi, tofu, grilled fish and as a secret ingredient for original dishes. A unique use of Tusuru bishio is putting it on top of vanilla ice cream which creates a very caramel like flavor. Adds a surprise twist for guests and customers at a restaurant. Kioke is a traditional Japanese wooden container used to ferment Japanese-style food. A microbe for fermentation settles in the kioke which turns it into the best brewing container.
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