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Visit us on Seminary Street 

Malley Farms Small Batch Canning and Specialty Foods retail store is located at 54 S. Seminary Street in the Seminary Street Historic Downtown District of Galesburg, Illinois. Here, customers can shop the full line of Malley Farms jams, jellies, sauces, condiments, and pickled vegetables and a wide variety of specialty food products from around the world.

Our specialty pantry collection is curated to feature independent food makers and companies whose values echo our own by focusing on all-natural ingredients, big flavors, and small-batch production.

Demystifying the specialty food market...

At Malley Farms, we believe in breaking down traditional barriers to the “gourmet” experience by demystifying the specialty food market. Our retail store offers a tasting-room experience for all customers. We pride ourselves on our deep product knowledge and enjoy nothing more than offering cooking and serving suggestions for all of our hand-selected products.


From the experienced foodie to the customer who is bored with the standard grocery store offerings, but for whom exceptionally fussy or complicated foods are not practical or useful in their daily cooking, we believe that the speciality food experience can and should be accessible to everyone.

Adventurous twists on familiar flavors

At Malley Farms, we believe in adventurous twists on familiar flavors and the unmatched quality of small-batch canning. For our specialty foods store and our online retail store, we create small batch preserved delicacies from jams, jellies, and fruit butters to salsas and savory condiments with all natural ingredients. By creating our batches by hand, from scratch in small quantities, we ensure that the highest quality ingredients find their way into every jar. We strive to offer the finest versions of classic recipes while engaging with our customers’ interest in culinary exploration with creative twists on traditional flavors.

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