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Uncured Wagyu Beef Salami - 3 oz. (Alef)

Uncured Wagyu Beef Salami - 3 oz. (Alef)

SKU: 772213R

Alef’s garlicky 100% American wagyu beef salami has its roots in Japan’s tradition of breeding pampered, well-marbled cattle and early 20th Century Russian sausage making. It is all-natural sausage is as a bite crafted by two traditions: luxurious Japanese beef and Old World sausage making. It’s sure to take your charcuterie board to the next level.

Wagyu beef salami made with 100% American Wagyu Beef, antibiotics free, hormones free, fed vegetarian diet, gluten free, milk free MSG free and 0g Trans Fat

Charcuterie Masters 2020 winner

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